everything relatable/funny
Anonymous: will you still be posting and stuff? why dont you just stay on it.. just cos u turned 19 doesnt mean you cant go on it anymore? idgi

nop, i won’t be posting. and there’s more to that, not just because i turned 19. i have a lot of stuff to take care off and i can’t do it all so thats why

Anonymous: but you're so cute and i planned on talking to you soon bbe dont

awww i’m sorry :(

Anonymous: why are you deleting it?

because when i made it i promised myself i’d delete it soon as i turn 19, which i did yesterday :)

so i won’t be deleting my tumblr because maybe couple of years from now i’d like too reminisce about the time i had the blog and look at the old posts and probably be ashamed as hell. but i will be deleting my picture, faq, and everything else about me. love you all and you don’t need to contact me over tumblr because i won’t see it. :)